Ann Sutton

I help people regain the confidence, optimism, and momentum they need to change jobs, find work they love, and have the freedom to create the life they want.

As a certified coach and founder of Catalyst High Performance Coaching & Management Consulting, I'm known for my ability to ask insightful questions that spark new ideas and shift perceptions, thereby helping my clients own their strengths, take strategic action, and enjoy their journey to their perfect job.

Whether you’re seeking to find a new job in the same field, pivot across industries, or launch a business after years in a corporate role, I have the skills, experience, and inherently supportive nature (if I do say so myself!) to make your search easy, exciting, and successful.

With a Master’s degree in Business, a Project Management Professional designation, and a degree in Journalism, I have 20+ years of experience leading teams to propel company growth, profitability, and competitive marketplace positioning. Now, my executive experience within corporations and across industries, combined with my curiosity and analytical focus, make me a natural and effective coach, facilitator, and team builder.

And yes, I am known to do a happy dance every morning (and at other times during the day as well) because of the passion I have for my work as a coach and career catalyst.


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