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I help professionals in their 30s and 40s who want to make a change, land work where their value is recognized and respected so that they have the freedom to create the life they want. 
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Are you stuck in a job that leaves you more disillusioned and frustrated every day? 

Life's too short to stay stuck, do nothing, and work for people who don't appreciate the contributions and sacrifices you make. Imagine... working with a team of smart, thoughtful, engaged people who appreciate you.

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Get the motivation, support, and accountability you need

and ditch work that sucks.



Embrace your strengths.  Stop twisting yourself into a pretzel trying to meet other people's expectations and burning yourself out. 



Identify what YOU want to do next, why, and where you'd love to work so that you wake up every morning excited to make a difference. 



No more waiting and wading through job board hell looking for the right job only to apply and hear... nothing. Turn the search process inside out.  

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Hey there!

I'm Ann Sutton 

And I get it. I've had jobs where everything about me - my personality, my capabilities, my dry sense of humor - were a terrible fit for the demands of the position and the organizational culture. I felt lost, trapped and, frankly, frightened I'd made never-to-be-recovered from career-ending choices. 

Instead, I discovered how to apply my executive experience and my journalism training to to help other high achievers avoid my mistakes, land work they actually want, and have the freedom to create a life they're excited about. 

It's time to make the leap! 

Jump Start Your Career, my personalized coaching program, is practical and actionable. It's designed specifically to make it easy for you to get off the couch at the end of the day and take consistent action so that Monday becomes your favorite day of the week.

You'll uncover options and focus on career opportunities that fit YOUR needs, strengths, and values.

Get out of overwhelm, regain your confidence, own your strengths, and take focused action.

Stop hating Mondays!

You don't have to stay in a dead-end job that undermines your confidence, eats away at your self-esteem, and weighs you down with tasks you can't stand.

Your road from awful to awesome is 3 steps away.


Let's understand what's happening and the outcome you want. 


Ditch the job board jungle and target places YOU want to be. 


Together we'll land something new that lights you up.

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