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Jump Start Your Career is my signature coaching program. It's a personalized system carefully structured to help you focus - without getting overwhelmed - as you take small, easy steps every day toward an awesome job.  

You'll discover how to put yourself first, surround yourself with a community of people you like and respect, and take consistent steps forward towards a job where you have the freedom to create the life you want.

Say goodbye to feeling lost or overwhelmed.

You'll Master 3 Steps... 



Focus. Decode what your strengths and values are telling you about where to work.

Reboot and reset your mindset. Debunk your weaknesses and smack down imposter syndrome once and for all.

The result: confidence, focus, and a framework for evaluating future opportunities. 



Put together your personal "bucket list" of great companies or organizations.

Reach out to people you like and respect (yes, even if you're an introvert). I'll help you write emails and reach out without being pushy or feeling gross.

Create an engaged community of people who see your value and will help you make decisions and connections that will move you forward.



Stop waiting... and waiting... and waiting for companies to post a job you want, scrambling to put an application together, and hearing... nothing. 

Discover the big (huge!) mistake people make when reaching out, and how to avoid it. 

Get out of the job board jungle. Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and turn the search process inside out. 

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You have 2 choices...

Struggle to learn everything you need to know from all the free "stuff". Spend LOTS  of time piecing things together and quietly going crazy getting more stressed and overwhelmed. How's that been working for you?

OR, invest in YOU. Let me fast-track your learning by sharing what works AND helping you write compelling emails so you land something awesome quickly.  

But that's just the small picture - here's the bigger one:

Once you know how to build a powerful network and land ONE awesome job, you'll always know how to step back, put YOU first, and move forward. No matter what happens, you will never stay stuck in a job that crushes your confidence again.

Come on! It’s time...  embrace your strengths, focus your search, get out of resume hell, and move from awful to awesome. 

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Ann Sutton, High Performance Coach